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"Vettel is every bit the distant, domineering dialectician and grammarian, Henry Higgins. For those who’ve grown up on the wonderful Rex Harrison film, he brings the added pleasure of a Higgins who can-and does!-sing."​


“You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile,” the bouncy number sung by various characters, including the unappreciated radio performer Bert Healy (Christopher Vettel), makes the Depression look like a cheerful time to live."

 - New York Times​

"You can't help but love the dimwitted swagger of Christopher Vettel as Count Carl Magnus Malcolm, the philandering prig of a husband."                                            - Cleveland Plain Dealer​​


"Best Featured Actor: Chris Vettel (“Puma,” New Jersey Rep). An actor asked to play Jimmy Stewart could merely rely on the vocal tics and mannerisms that we’ve seen many impressionists do. Vettel, however, showed us what the off-stage Stewart must have been like when he was just an unaffected human being going through life."

- Peter Filichia, Star Ledger (2011 NJ Tony Award)

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